What Are Our Core Values?

Our Core Value is simple.  God Almighty, is the One True God!

And The Lord Jesus Christ, is the Only Begotten in the Flesh, sent by the One True God to Save Humankind.

The Prayer that; heals the sick, grants comfort, gives peace, and saves us all, is an absolute faith that ALL things are possible for God!

               About Me;

I am, Reverend Dennis William Hawkins, how may I
serve you?
I am, a non-denominational, Christian
Minister. I serve, The Lord Jesus Christ, and all His
people, by performing; Baptisms, Confirmations, 
Marriages, Love Commitments, Anointing of the Sick,
various, blessings, and funerals.         

I believe that people are called by the Lord Jesus Christ
to serve him, in His ministry, and this I try and do to the
best of my ability.   I am an independent
non-denominational Christian Minister, Catholic by
ecumenical by faith

I was a student of the Moody Bible Institute, and completed one year of training at the Saint John of the Cross Theological School.  I am a nine year veteran of the United States Air Force.   I am versed in the knowledge of the Roman Catholic Church, the Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Christian Science Church, as well as several protestant denominations.   I have taught several Bible classes and feel very comfortable teaching the Bible.  I have visited hospitals, senior citizen homes, etc, to help bring the message of Jesus Christ to all his  children.  I have Officiated at civilian and military funerals.   I have officiated at civilian and military  weddings. 


I am happy to celebrate your wedding with respect for your traditions and needs.

I will serve the couple as an assistant to bring about the best wedding possible. 
Helping the couple write their vows, helping with the Ring Ceremony, helping with other different ceremonies;  

Wine Ceremony, Candle-Lighting
Ceremony, Rose Ceremony, etc.  

I also assist the couple if needed, with setting up the processional.  

Catholic and can't be married in the Church, call me!  For a catholic type wedding.  

For it is their day, so I assist the couple to make it
their special day.  I believe ministers of Christ should
love and not judge.  I let myself be completely led by
the Holy Spirit. 

I welcome all to be  Blessed of the Lord Jesus Christ. 


Reverend Hawkins, is married to Deborah
(March 13, 1974), has three children, and two grandchildren. 
Deborah and Reverend Hawkins, reside in Unincorporated Jefferson County, Colorado.

Affordable Rates:

Weddings at the Location of your choice.

Standard Rate for a Full Wedding Ceremony is $300.00.  This includes one rehearsal.

Weddings more than a 50 miles distance from the Ministers home will be charged an extra $40.00

Full Funeral Ceremony: $175.00

Graveside Ceremony: $80.00



Dennis William